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Bielenda | NEURO Hialuron serum day night 30ml. - Muque

Bielenda | NEURO Hialuron serum day night 30ml.

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Bielenda NEURO Hialuron serum day night.

Spectacular anti-wrinkle effects are guaranteed by intelligent active ingredients with proven efficacy and precision, which penetrate deeply into the skin and gradually release their power, acting for a long time after application.

RETINOL – Advanced Rejuvenation
COLLAGEN – Ultra Firming
HYALURON – Deep Hydration
GLICOL+VIT.C – Effective exfoliation

Application: Massage the face, neck and neckline daily in the morning and in the evening. You can use it yourself, but for maximum effect, we recommend using the NEURO HIALURON cream serum under the cream. The serum is instantly absorbed and provides an excellent base for make-up.