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Farmona MOSQUITO KILLER Bite Soothing roll-on 10ml.

Farmona MOSQUITO KILLER Bite Soothing roll-on 10ml.

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory
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Farmona MOSQUITO KILLER Soothing Roll-on provides immediate relief after insect bites and stings, soothes itching, reduces redness and burning.

The roll-on form facilitates the application of the preparation to irritated skin, bringing quick relief.


  • Thanks to Menthol, pleasantly soothes irritated skin,
  • Allantoin, soothes redness and brings relief
  • Soothing Care complex - moisturizes, reduces itching and regenerates 

For topical application after insect bites such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, wasps and bees.

For adults and kids from 1 year old.