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Farmona NIVELAZIONE Acid pumice exfoliating foot cream 75ml.

Farmona NIVELAZIONE Acid pumice exfoliating foot cream 75ml.

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory
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Farmona NIVELAZIONE Acid pumice exfoliating foot cream.

Perfectly cleanses, exfoliates and smooths hardened epidermis. It leaves beautiful, well-groomed feet.

An effective solution:

  • The skin of your feet is very damaged, dry and hard
  • Your heels are prone to keratosis

Innovative Acid Pumice Foot Cream with a triple exfoliating and smoothing system provides express action and immediate effect.

Performance from the First Application:

The innovative formula combines concentrated ingredients: fruit acids, plant enzymes and natural peeling micro-particles, thanks to which it quickly and effectively removes all imperfections of the foot skin.

It exfoliates dead epidermis cells, removes all thickenings and calluses of the skin on the feet and reduces its roughness.

At the same time, it perfectly moisturizes, leaving feet perfectly smooth, soft and delicately prepared for further care.

Confirmed Results:

  • Immediately: moisturizes, softens and smoothes rough skin - by 96% *
  • Regularly use: removes thickenings, ensuring smoothness and a beautiful, well-groomed appearance - according to 92% *

* tested on a group of 25 people

Usage Directions: Spread the preparation on damp feet and massage for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry your feet. Use at least once a week for very rough and hard skin.

    Active ingredients:

    • Fruit acids
    • Plant enzymes
    • Natural peeling micro-particles.