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LCN Hand Care | Youthful Hand Serum 50ml.

LCN Hand Care | Youthful Hand Serum 50ml.

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LCN Youthful Hand Serum.

Our hands can reveal our true age & far too often they are neglected. LCN has newly developed a rejuvenation cure to slow down signs of the times with the Youthful Hands Serum luxury treatment.

Active Ingredients

  • Glycerin: Effective moisturizer with an additional barrier of protective effects.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: High molecular hyaluronic acid distinguishes itself with its extraordinary water-binding capacity. It forms an invisible, elastic film that noticeably catches moisture on the skin and keeps it for hours.
  • Natural Polymeric Compound: Phyto colloids from the red algae are embedded in a base frame of cellulose derivatives. This special mixture has the ability to reduce wrinkles on hands and forearms in no time at all. Additionally, the polymers on the skin are building a three-dimensional network with strong adhesion and cohesion. The result - is an immediately perceptible, long-lasting tightening effect as well as fast distinctive wrinkle reduction.