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Aloe Ferox Just Fibre 90 capsules

Aloe Ferox | Just Fibre 90 capsules

Aloe Ferox
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Bowel movement and dietary fibre supplement

Aloe Ferox Just Fibre capsules consist of bitter-free, dried, powdered Aloe Ferox whole leaves.

Just Fibre is an ideal dietary fibre supplement with a total fibre content of 43% and in addition contains a vast amount of nutrients, essential for an energetic and invigorated body.


  • Excellent source of fibre in the diet.
  • Rich in nutritional and medicinal properties.


  • Take 1-3 Just Fibre capsules daily with meals when necessary.
  • Drink adequate water when taking fibre to prevent blockage.


  • Sufficient fibre in the diet is essential for the prevention of various illnesses that can be linked to a Western lifestyle, e.g. abnormal blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol levels as well as obesity.
  • High fibre intake helps prevent and even treat illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, colon cancer, over weight, diverticulitis, appendicitis and hiatus hernia.
  • Fibre protects against breast cancer, constipation, gallstones, blood clots, piles, varicose veins, inflammation of the colon, wasting syndrome, irritable bowel, bloatedness and flatulence.
  • Fibre helps to remove harmful toxic- and waste material from the body, serves as source of energy for the microbes in the colon and effectively aids excretion of estrogens.

    Ingredients: Aloe ferox fibre powder, Magnesium stearate USP/BP