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Aloe Ferox | Lip Balm Mint 15ml. - Muque

Aloe Ferox | Lip Balm Mint 15ml.

Aloe Ferox
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Aloe Ferox Lip Balm Mint is an excellent moisturiser with sun protection.

Lip Balm Mint is a combination of herbs known for their beneficial effect on symptoms of various skin complaints associated with dry, chapped, sore and damaged skin as well as blisters.

Lips are very sensitive with thin skin and very few oil glands.


  • Moisturises and nourishes lips
  • Unfavourable for the forming of wrinkles
  • Helps keep lips healthy


  • Apply Lip Balm Mint regularly during the day
  • Lip Balm Mint is also the perfect base for lipstick


  • When experiencing unpleasant lip complaints, apply Bitter Aloe Gel and follow up with Lip Balm Mint. Repeat regularly until signs disappear.
  • The virus causing fever blisters is dormant in the skin until a rise in temperature, such as exposure to the sun, makes it develop. The first signs are often an itchy feeling that changes into a blister and later forms a scab.
  • Unattractive wrinkles form around the lips as smoke is drawn in. Smokers will have approximately 5 times more prominent wrinkles than non-smokers.
  • Lips normally crack only when it is cold and when the lips are very dry. Help prevent lip complaints by moisturising the lips with Lip Balm Mint all year round.