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Aloe Ferox | Val-U-Life 60 capsules

Aloe Ferox | Val-U-Life 60 capsules

Aloe Ferox
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Aloe Ferox Val-U-Life capsules contain a mixture of herbs that help support the functioning of the immune system and improve the quality of life of people with wasting diseases like cancer, tuberculosis and anorexia.


  • Is advantageous for immunity
  • Is able to help prevent the damage caused by free radicals
  • Assists in detoxing


  • Take 2 Val-u-Life capsules daily
  • Use for at least 3 months


  • Cancer cells live on glucose, especially from refined sugar and carbohydrates. Refined foods weaken your immune system.
  • A powerful immunity system is capable of searching for and destroying invaders such as cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and fungi before they can continue to multiply in an uncontrolled way.
  • For the optimum functioning of any supplement, a healthy diet should be followed. Without this, a supplement cannot function to its full potential.

Ingredients: Aloe ferox fibre powder, Sutherlandia Frutescens (L.) herba pulv sicc, Magnesium stearate USP/BP, Olea Europaea L. fol 20% PE, Selenium AAC (0.2%).