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LCN Eye Make-Up | Lash & Brow Boost Serum 5ml. - Muque

LCN Eye Make-Up | Lash & Brow Boost Serum 5ml.

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The dream of full dense and long lashes will come is now a reality for everyone. This LCN Lash & Brow Boost Serum is a true Keratin-Boost that provides hair with strength.

Elasticity and moisture. Lashes are cared for just like using a conditioner. With regular use, hair loss is reduced, hair growth and density of lashes and eyebrows is being promoted by active ingredients.

In addition, this active ingredient has a positive effect on the quality of the hair and the cell activity. Lashes are turning supple, soft and shiny and maintain a natural volume.

> First visible effects are visible after 14 days already
> Reduces hair loss if applied regularly
> The fine applicator brush enables a precise application along the lash line
> Provides a natural lash volume
> Improves the quality of lashes and eyebrows
> Ideally suitable for very sensitive customers
> Free of hormones
> Hi quality, selected raw materials and active ingredients for a gentle and healthy growth


  1. Remove all Make-up and care products before the application of the Serum
  2. Apply the Serum regularly before going to bed onto lashes and/or eyebrows.

Tip: Always apply the Serum directly onto the lash line