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LCN Nail Care | Home Care Pack-manicure - Muque

LCN Nail Care | Home Care Pack-manicure

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LCN Home Care Manicure Pack - Packaged in a trendy cosmetic bag:

Diamond Power 8ml:
  • Formaldehyde-free, high gloss nail hardener with a UV shield and real diamond dust; perfect for weak, thin and brittle nails.
  • Real diamond dust ensures especially strong nails while the nano-particles create a high gloss effect on the nail.
  • Apply as a base coat, top coat or for a ‘glossy’ effect without another clear or coloured polish.
Nail Oil 8ml:
  • Give your nails and cuticles a treat with this luxurious moisturising nail oil, crammed full of goodness with vitamins A, E, F and extra proteins.
Nail Serum 8ml:
  • Moisturises, hydrates, strengthens and supports natural nail build up.
  • Saturates the natural nail like a sponge absorbs water.
  • Supports nail build-up with Silk Proteins, Keratin, Calcium and Vitamin H.
  • Oil free.
  • Apply LCN’s Nail Builder after nail serum for best results.
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