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Monteil | Elixir Metamorphose Vitamin C Serum 30ml.

Monteil | Elixir Metamorphose Vitamin C Serum 30ml.

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Monteil Elixir Metamorphose Vitamin C Serum: The vitamin C serum provides all-round protection for the skin. The light texture is non-comedogenic and absorbs quickly without being greasy or sticky.

For an even complexion, reduces the production of pigment spots, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, and offers effective protection against free radicals, which promote skin aging. The complexion becomes even and the production of melanin is reduced. 


- Strengthens the skin's protective barrier
- Provides intensive moisture
- Promotes collagen synthesis and increases skin firmness
· Counteracts impurities
- Improves skin complexion
- Visibly reduces age spots and evens out skin tone
- The complexion appears even, plump and clear

Active Ingredients:

MONTEIL uses the stable Vitamin C derivative Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate in a 2% concentration. This high-performance formulation ensures that Vitamin C gets to where it can work. The serum penetrates the skin and is converted into an effective Vitamin C.