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Kinetics | Shark Emergency Nail Treatment 15ml.

Kinetics | Shark Emergency Nail Treatment 15ml.

Kinetics Beauty
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KINETICS Shark Emergency Nail Treatment - K-Nano Shark Nail Treatment is a 2 in 1 product that can be used very efficiently as a base and topcoat. It is an instant help for severely damaged nails.

This therapy forms a ceramic Nano-shield to instantly improve nail condition. It serves as a base coat with improved adhesion.

When used as a topcoat, Nano Shark hardens your nails over the nail polish.

- Instant treatment for soft, peeling, and weak nails
- Makes nails strong instantly
- Can be used as both top and base coat
- Additional Information: Kinetics is known for its most comprehensive fashionable nail product line in the market.
- Designed by and for professionals, every item in the Kinetics line reflects their two ambitious goals
- Impeccable quality and outstanding design.
- Apply one coat and let dry.
- Brush your favourite nail polish.
- Use as a topcoat over nail polish.
- To use as a natural nail polish apply 2 coats only.
- Treatment must be repeated every 2-3 days to achieve the desired results.
- Do not use for more than 21 days over 3 months

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply twice a week to promote strong healthy nails. Apply one coat under the nail polish as a base coat. Apply one coat on nail polish as a top coat.